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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bleach Manga 527

Kenpachi has succeeded! Ichigo has failed!?

I'm now ready to give you my take on bleach manga 527! Pretty deep and serious business in this chapter I must declare. Captain Unohana...not long after the death of Captain Commander Yamamoto and so shortly after starting to learn about the real her and the true nature of her powers...Unohana seems at least to have passed away.

It's unlikely she will revive herself or be saved. Per her own words she sees her death by Kenpachi Zaraki's hands as the passing of her torch which ought to have been done long ago. Zaraki really touched me as well screaming for the continuation of Unohana's life. At the start of the fight he proclaimed to have respected her, it would appear from his desperate cry for her to live, that he may have actually loved her. To top it all off as Unohana slips away assuring us that she is happy in doing so we hear Kenpachi's zanpakuto call out to him.

This is an incredible development after all that action with the big reveals of memories and emotions Kenpachi will now bond with and call out his Zanpakuto! I wonder now what kind of zanpakuto Kenpachi's could possibly be. The zanpakuto are supposed to be manifested as a result of the Shinigami's essence being poured into a Asauchi or a nameless zanpakuto, at first this solidified the idea in my head that Kenpachi must have a melee type zanpakuto. However considering what we've seen of Unohana who was the first Kenpachi that is called into question. She loved battle just as much, bearing the name Kenpachi after all, but she still valued Kido enough to master it and wielded a Kido based zanpakuto. And we also know that Kenpachi learned a new perspective on what true battle is with Unohana and appreciated it enough to grieve over her. what do you think Kenpachi Zaraki's zanpakuto will be? I believe it has to be something that delivers attacks in a violent and forceful manner. Like something that causes explosions or lightening bolts.
I'm really eager to see what's up with that!

 Next we have a startling development in the royal palace. Ichigo has been booted out! I was floored with that result! Ichigo was not "chosen" by the Asauchi and was deemed by Oetsu unworthy of continuing! This is a real major twist. Not at all like previous arcs, not one bit. Especially since Renji did apparently pass the test and will be able to move on, whatever that means.

I have to say though I do like the way that went as far as story telling is concerned. I think it's always better when things don't follow a predictable pattern the way the hero would like for it to go for his convenience. And like Oetsu said he's got to get back to his roots even if it means not going back to the Spirit Palace.

 I will say though, that I am very disappointed! Because I feel now that because of recent evens that I won't get to see or learn more about Senjumaru Shutara for a while! It was love at first sight for me to be honest...she looks so pretty and cool! She's got the wicked extra arms and apparently she's got some history with Mayuri who is one of my favorite characters. I was so pumped for Ichigo and Renji to move on to her palace, but now I don't know where things are going now. I'm perfectly fine with Ichigo getting screwed out of the Spirit Palace because I think he's got a lesson to learn from it, and he might even get a chance to tap into his Quincy powers(No I didn't forget about that!). I'm honestly mainly bummed because I want to see more Senjumaru...and I'd like to know the last guy too I guess.

 So what did you think of the development? Don't you want to see Senjumaru and the other dude! And what do you expect for Ichigo now?

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