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Hello everybody! I would simply like to comment on the rate of publishing on this blog. I acknowledge the inconsistency in my schedule which makes it rather unpredictable when/if I will publish more material.

You see I write this blog just for fun and I don't receive any financial compensation for it in the least so my ability to write for it depends on my personal life and whether or not I fell inspired.

But at the very least I do return to this blog from time to time to reread some of my old stuff and think about what I might do with it in the present and future.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about what you might like to see on this blog you should try posting to my google plus account or posting a comment here on the blog.

There is a good chance of any given person who messages me getting a response so don't be shy.

Since this blog is in it's infancy you could potentially be instrumental in any big hits it produces.

My name is Derek Steiner and you should be able to get to my Google plus account here: Derek+

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