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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Amagami SS Plus!

 Hey everyone I'm here to close the book on the first anime topic I've ever written on! Thanks to you for being my first readers! Anyway the second season of Amagami SS is call Amagami SS Plus. It's setup in the same omnibus format so each girl "gets a turn" so to speak. ;) I was a little worried that this was going to be some kind of revamp or perhaps just a few extra bullshit episodes but I was most pleasantly surprised to find that it was a legitimate sequel to the first season!

 I'll give you a break down of everything the same as before so here it goes!

 Kaoru Tanamachi- Hey Juunichi I know we're in love and all but why can't I sit on your lap and straddle you? Let's go on a vacation to figure that out!

 Sae Nakata- We're so in love and you helped me be strong Juunichi! I'm gonna be president of the Founders Day/Christmas Committee and you can make a movie out of it! Also I made those "special"
clothes for you and now I want to cook your buns in my oven!

 Ai Nanasaki- I love you and we're so wonderful together, I'll care for you and...what?! Wait don't go! Break out of your cell and come back to me!!!!

 Rihoko (Rihochhi) Sakurai- I'll get you this time Juunichi! I'll fill you with good food then fill you with me. Now who's this other guy? You get away you perv!

 Tsukasa Ayatsuji- We'll always be together and you'll be my right hand as Vice President. Hmmm...Juunichi who is this girl and why are you named as her running mate...Juunichi?

 Haruka Morishima- Won't ask him to marry me because I don't want him thinking I'm desperate or forcing the I'll just drop subtle hints like pretending to marry him and practice getting pregnant!

 So this season essentially served to give us more of what we had seen. I for one am very happy with the fact that the writers decided that they would tie things up a little better. With season one we had interesting and fun stuff but after the lovey dovey stuff was underway the stories just kind of ended there for the most part. Especially Kaoru's now that I think of it...with her it was over the moment they had their "special love moment".That was a little bummer because I actually like Kaoru and considered her as a competitor with Ayatsuji as my favorite Amagami girl at the very least because of her perky, energetic, and friendly personality. I just think she's so sweet! But in this season we actually get to see what came out of their lovey gooey mush mush.

 It turns out their relationship hasn't changed since they fell in love! That really makes no does falling in love not change of good golly damn thing in your relationship! I guess I kind of understand that since they were always so close in both the emotional and physical sense that it was almost like they were always a couple but just never recognized it before. That's the best way I could understand it.

I'm not sure now if I should delve into these stories or just throw you a couple of bones here or there. I think it's best to let you watch the full stories on your own so you can be all the more entertained.

Here's a break from the text for you!
 I'm kind of assuming that I've got mostly male readers with that...sorry ladies let me make it up to you!

Anyhow my I was mostly pleased with the additional stories we got for each of the stories. By this point as well I had pretty well gotten over the whole feeling sorry for each girl for missing out on Juunichi and how they missed their chance at paradise. Not that I don't still sympathize but the show kind of forced me to just deal with fine. Sae's story made me feel like her relationship with the boy was a lot more substantial and solid than I thought. Originally it seemed rather shallow and contrived because it was all about loving someone just because he was nice to you. But my eyes opened up more to see that Juunichi really did help her out considerably and gave her cause to fall for him...not only that but she actually took up the position that Ayatsuji held as president. Since Ayatsuji is my favorite even if just by a hair the reason I took to Sae's second season story might have to do with how she, in a way took on the same substance I appreciated in Ayatsuji's story and Juunichi was right there for her like always.

 Ayatsuji's second story though...ohhhh boy. There was so much emotional action going on there! The tension, the jealousy, the fear, the love that fought through it all! Again I find Ayatsuji's arc to have a lot of substance. Again I will say that this is because they dealt with issues that seemed to hold a lot more weight in the grand scheme of things. I mean, I think every story was sweet and nice and well done, but the Ayatsuji arcs had a feeling of greater force to me. Issues of a potential betrayal, competing to get the boy instead of two boys fighting for a girl. Then Juunichi gets caught in an...awkward position with this other chick and Ayatsuji is clearly pissed, but they make you wait and wait to see how she's going to deal with it! The suspense was torturous!

Rihoko's story finally wrapped everything up! If you saw the first one you know what I'm talking about. Rihoko finally confessed her love for Juunichi...but not actually to him though. I mean he was there and I'm fairly sure he heard what she said, but it was actually directed at a guy making unwanted serious looking advances. That was pretty tense too actually. But fortunately we do finally get to see them make fireworks, and boy was that hot stuff!

 Ai's arc was about a series of events that led to Juunichi's buddy hitting on their teacher. Wait...uh no that was just one of my favorite parts haha! Really though that arc didn't have a whole lot happening in it. It was largely about how badly and how sorely and how painfully the pair missed each other so deeply and it was actually very sweet. It seems that no matter what I have a hell of a hard time criticizing love stories because you don't need action and adventure and war to have legit love in the air. Juunichi even bought her a beautiful and expensive coat.

 Haruka's is the only one I haven't done yet...I'm pretty sure. That was really entertaining to see them play the  marriage game with each other. Marriage pretty much defines the whole story and they even threw in Haruka's sexy cousin to screw around with Juunichi while ultimately serving to lead Juunichi to unnecessarily make a huge ass of himself, inspire jealously in his teacher and piss Ayatsuji off major time!


 The stories this time were half the length of the stories in the first season, so I can't say as much about season two without giving everything away. But I must say it took me for an enjoyable ride and made for a great way to open the lid on my Anime Thermos!

 So enjoy my post, and keep coming back to see it grow and bloom to offer you more entertainment and hopefully it'll even become powerful enough to enrich and serve your life!


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