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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Otaku Animeblasts: The Osteoblasts of Human Kind!?

 Do you know what Osteoblasts are? If not I will tell you. Osteoblasts are cells in the human body that serve the purpose of synthesizing the materials that make up your bones! They literally build the structure that supports your fleshy body and gives it shape!

                                          Is that how Zanka no Tachi South works?

 So why the hell am I giving you a biology lesson? Because I think that us Otaku's can or at least should identify ourselves as some version of the osteoblasts. I call it the Animeblast movement! Think of it this way the human body needs bones to be able to have a stable shape that can move through and interact with the world. This basic structure is a vital part of what makes you a human being and the osteoblasts give you this empowering body structure by taking minerals and literally building and maintaining your skeleton with it!

 Now imagine all of humanity as being one single organism, the organism of human kind. This creature called humanity needs some sort of structure to doesn't it? But what does this structure consist of and how does it get constructed and maintained in the first place!? Well I'll tell you what I think. The structure of human kind is culture: C U L T U R E = S T R U C T U R E. Culture is the word that captures everything a human community is: it's values, laws, sense of identity, solidarity, entertainment interests, and more that I've probably not thought of. These are the minerals that are somehow produced and added the the skeleton of human kinds existence on Earth.


Obviously these minerals need osteoblasts to put them together into the big skeleton of people on the planet.
These osteoblasts are the people among humanity who have passion and vision for the happiness we all want in life. If good osteoblasters in the world are successful and able to thrive, all of humanity gets a strong backbone, legs, arms, chest, head, and hips with which to take on the world! But now I'm advocating for a way to take the people of the world to the next stage, we need Otaku's to become osteoblasts of communities everywhere. With the same spirit of those tiny little cells in all of our bodies we Otaku's need to work diligently to add the anime culture of creativity, craziness, and love to the bone structure of the world of human beings.

Does he have enough yet...?

 Okay, I hope I haven't lost you on my sciencey analogy here but there's a very good reason why I did that. Osteoblasts are tiny tiny little things. On their own they seem rather insignificant and couldn't possibly build a skeleton all by their lonesome's! But together they form an army that gives us our very lives to live, to jump around in and play! And work too I guess... But that fact should really inspire hope in Otaku's everywhere! I'm sure you anime/manga fans all identify with my struggle against a world that doesn't get my anime happiness and silliness, but there is hope! We can rely on what little we each have in order to shock this world into submission to the anime will!  

 What I'm driving at is the very sneaky and come from behind way with which all Otaku's working together can not only gain the acceptance of public opinion for our anime/manga fandom, but we can go as far as to embed anime type culture into the very bones of humanity. All we need are a ton of willing Otaku's putting in little pieces of anime at a time, bit by bit on a constant basis every single day. 

 I'm thinking that in the interest of working realistically and effectively we can and will have to take a different interpretation of anime rule number 11.

That's why I'm suggesting a less destructive type of "blast".

 I myself will take the initiative to be the first official Animeblast. Slowly, surely, and independently adding bit by bit of anime inspired culture and fun to the whole world in order to make humanity happier. I like Kisuke Urahara's clothes to be quite honest, or really I like any variation of the soul reaper garbs. They are of course inspired by traditional Japanese wear and they have in turn inspired my own personal pet projects. Pretty soon I'm going to be working on a pair of geta which are relatively simple for someone like me who has experience building a wooden patio table. I expect that the wood work for geta sandals will be a piece of cake for me! :) These little minerals will be my contributions to society's structure and I hope that as I contribute more and more of these small but provoking little things it will spark a revolution in our world! 

 So I challenge anyone reading this to be brave enough to step outside of your normal circle of anime believers and try to shock outsiders with an Animeblast. Don't get thrown in jail and don't get fired from work but get pumped with the spirit I know is within you! Don't be ashamed! Let yourself go and be an Otaku, be more than an Otaku be an Animeblast, be a transformative force in the world that gets people in the groove to give and receive jokes about the size of each others boobs and has people looking with rolling eyes as our village idiot tries talking to cats again to gain knowledge of the universe. I want people to embrace the fun and excitement of anime craziness and accept the joy it can bring rather than getting discomfort out of it. Animeblasting can break people out of their shell and make them comfortable with the chaos of the world!

That pretty much sums up my post!

So let me wrap this up with some closing words. People are stuck up with their traditional ways of thinking and doing. The world has too many tight wads that are good at surviving but have no clue how to really live. I say that we can teach them how to live as Animeblasts. Blowing their minds one step at a time! Like Dutch from Black Lagoon once said: "What's the point of life if you can't get excited?" Here my answer: There is none. Not one point to a life that can't be filled with the ecstasy of some healthy insanity. Anime gives us our daily dose of it and the world needs Animeblasts to take that stuff out and share it, so that it can become deep and vital part of our very bones!!! 

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