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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anime: The Ideal Law Of The Land!?

 I have a bit of a problem I have to confess to...several actually you see I don't respect authority, I have a sick sense of humor, and I'm a bit too perverted for my own good. I also like to interrupt the normal flow of life with sarcastic snide remarks and I like to jump people randomly with big hugs for no real reason too.! Except I don't really think that I am. There are a lot of taboos that we have to put up with in life and it really messes with my Anime Mind. When I watch anime a part of my psychological high comes from the vicarious experience of totally inappropriate fantasy born behavior that is totally acceptable or at least tolerable for all of my favorite anime characters. In real life the scene pictured above would progress into a scandal that would stress those involved to the very limit and lead to a lot of misery, but in anime this stuff carries on like it's no big thing!!

 Allow me to address one of my favorite shows: Amagami SS

                      The nature of this posting demands the inclusion of...interesting screenshots. 

 Juunichi's sister loses her cool with him numerous times throughout the anime. These freak outs have much to do with compromising positions the boy finds himself in with his lady friends. He accidentally gropes right on her well developed breasts and has his sister inconveniently walk right in on the "non-action". Resulting in an understandably distressed little sister. But here's where it diverges in an departure from realistic interpretations of the scandalous circumstance...namely nothing happens...isn't that odd how such a disturbing sexually intoned event can occur and yet everyone brushes it off like it's nothing. In anime universes nobody will question your integrity, your character, or your credibility for even the most suspicious and damning misbehavior you may clearly seem to be guilty of!

 This illustrates, in my view a degree of liberty, independence, and personal strength enjoyed by many anime characters which I consider highly desirable. Please allow me to hold your attention in order to offer you an explanation.

                                                     Please don't go yet!!

 We live in a world loaded with and dependent upon formal and tedious procedures founded upon the interests of those who have little concern with whether their fellow humans are happy and able to communicate with and comprehend one another. Think about every time you've ever been in the midst of an unfamiliar crowd. You had to consider every word and action of yours before it came close to coming forth and making a scene. You couldn't be yourself, hell you couldn't be anyone. You have no identity in a crowd consumed with a mob mentality. You must conform to some faceless, nameless, and soulless program of thoughts and behaviors with any deviation being punished summarily by others who were trapped by the very same slave driver known as politics...

 In anime's there's a lot of faith that people have in things turning out all right as well as an intimate knowledge characters have about how the world works and how to read other people which imparts an inexplicably powerful ability upon people to be brutally and inappropriately honest, open, and aggressive without incurring any serious level of wrath upon them except in situations where the plot calls for such a development. 

He's in big trouble! ...except not really?

 Junichi walked into the swim clubs practice session to see his lady of the arc and was called out on the carpet for being a hardcore peeping tom!!! In reality you'd have teachers having a nice chat with him about appropriate behavior, mom and dad would probably get a call about it, and the kid would have hard time to do. Instead he gets let off! It's especially shocking the first time when he explains his actions by going off with a whole speech about loving a woman's body and wanting to see it streaming through the water! WTF!

 How the hell do you get away with that!? 

 Here's the thing, my biggest complaint here is that we don't have strong personal relationships with one another.We have no liberty because we submit to authorities/politics to prescribe acceptable conversation topics for us, we have no independence because we are always looking for some saving grace to deliver us rather than taking our lives into our own hands and facing what life throws at us, and finally we have no personal strength because people in general in our culture will cry, criticize, condemn, and complain with no interest in learning and growth. In these processes of submission to the fallacious belief that our lives are under the jurisdiction of some formal authority I feel that we deny ourselves and each other countless opportunities to learn about ourselves, get to know each other, and get to know life itself. 

 Now, men should NOT simply be allowed to grope women on a whim but wouldn't it be great if we lived in a world where women didn't have to fear men so much that they have to have freaking seminars about sexual harassment?

                               Don't you wish your own power was all you needed to be safe?

 I truly believe that the test of ones quality of life is based on how many rules people are forced to strictly abide by. Put another way the more relaxed the rule book is the happier the people living under it will be. We need trust more than we need justice, we need productivity more than we need procedures, and we need honesty more than we need manners. 

 One of my best friends is a girl and she allows me to get away with the most profane and disgusting language that you could ever imagine. I would not even dare to repeat it to anyone and especially not on this blog in spite of the fact that I'm posting about freedom and's just that bad! But that's the beauty of our friendship! We can get away with anime levels of inappropriateness and craziness because we have risen above good manners and proper procedures. It's not that we get away with crimes or other destructive behaviors, rather we have transcended the "safe zone" of human relations. We have developed trust and respect on a level that allows for degrees of freedom and power that often create the appearance of disrespect and downright serious danger!

  For comparison with the above photo my friend has threatened to kick me a couple of times in case I tried to get her into bed and.or kidnap her which I've joked about yea this stuff can happen!!!

 But in order to achieve the ideal anime inspired life of bonding, growth, learning, and entertaining interpersonal and dynamic relationships I will make this declaration.

 I call upon all people within line of sight of this text to heed my pleas for change! While you should not trust too carelessly I ask you to open your lives to your fellow people! Partake in your communities both online and off to connect with others. Get together in the coffee shops to merely discuss your favorite anime's and manga's, meet up to help each other with homework or the ...regular work! Don't be discouraged of humanity, there are people in this world with more in common with you than you may realize and they are yearning to spend quality time with you as you yearn for them. Not only this, but strive to master your own life! As a community, as a society we ought to shun the big brotherish authorities of the world. We have too much suing and not enough discussion and discourse, we have too much war and not enough debate and negotiation, and we have too much politics and not even close to enough personal relationships to one another!
                            Above: Something that kicks the hell out of "politics" it's called love!

 Politics are what people do to deal with other people they don't care one lick about...emotions matter, relationships matter, love matters big time, what I'm trying to say is that we need to emancipate each other. We must free ourselves and our compatriates in order to truly get the best out of each other so we can joke without fear, debate without destruction, and fight without misery. We can be happy by giving up on stability and embracing the crazy world we live in, filled with unique and interesting individuals most of whom can be such great friends that government and police will be rendered obsolete because we the people can be the best ones to keep ourselves and our fellows in line and in love!

 May we all begin to enjoy each other's insanity on an increasingly persistent basis!!! 


  1. "…men should simply be allowed to grope women on a whim…"

    Is that a typo, or…?

    1. OH MY GOD that is a typo it was meant to say the opposite!

    2. That is precisely why you should always proofread kids! I failed to do that this time because it was late and I was feeling lazy from a 6 hour drive!