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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Anime Outlandishness: Fake It To Make It?

I am in an interesting position to be writing this blog post right now. I was in a bad mood this morning because I feel that I've fallen so short of my ideals. To be an exciting and interesting person who makes people laugh and smile and to fight off all of the world's evils. But the problem is that I'm a real guy living in the real world and I don't have the pleasure of Tsundere witches to summon me to a magical world.

Anytime you're ready baby just call on me and I'll take good care of you!
I need to say that I was trying to come up with my next super entertaining anime blog to wow everyone and once again get myself some good ratings. But there's an interesting difficulty that comes with the weekly demand I placed upon myself for blogging. By requiring myself to post every week I put great pressure on my creative powers. It's no longer something I can just work on whenever I feel inspired, because now I've developed a routine of a once a week post that everyone can count on and if I have a bad week creatively I have to just take the chance of writing a poor post, which I believe I may have done a couple of times.
Me...on a week when I have no idea what to blog about...
The reason I'm writing about this is because I feel that in principle I have to be honest with you readers. I can't try to write some wild and philosophically significant post if I don't have an honestly significant revelation for you. But no matter what I always have my true self who can always just talk to you. So I will talk to you about something random and simple this time around.
Thinking back I really don't remember why I started this blog specifically, but I know it had something to do with trying to build something that might grow into a bigger project that gave me a worthwhile purpose in life. I used anime because it was something that I knew I could write passionately and abundantly about and I turned out to be absolutely right!
YAY! Cheer over...any excuse you have!!!

When I was a kid anime's were just another cartoon with slightly different looks. Interestingly enough it was only when I became more mature and came into adulthood that I really started to appreciate them as a separate genre with their own messages and themes.
In anime the characters you see don't fake anything that's really important. They will just be themselves and do whatever they can and amazing plots develop and thicken simply by the forces of their natures. That's what I'm trying to do now. I'm not going to bullshit you guys with some fake stuff that I conjured up in order to make some entertaining post to get my "ratings" up so I'm just communicating with you my current thoughts about anime as they come to me.
I'm currently watching an anime called Oda Nobuna no Yabou. It's turning out to be a fun viewing because of an ingenious female ruler of an ancient Japanese territory who is looked down upon because who she is doesn't agree with popular ideas of her time. That relates in a way to my life. Okay, maybe it would be presumptuous to call myself a genius but I have grand visions for what I think the world could and should be.
I picked the pic of this character because the big breasts caught my eye, because I'm a genius! ;)
 I don't believe in writing a blog that is strictly a simple review of anime episodes, so instead I fill these posts with my own personal thoughts about what anime is all about. But this blog is just the tip of my aspirational iceberg. I want to build a whole world on the inspirations I've gotten from anime.
Read this whole's worth it.
 But mainly my so called strategy for accomplishing my goals has been to just act as optimistic and funny as I can in the hopes of starting a bandwagon that gets on board with some lofty ideals of wild and crazy creativity which allows us to live in a much more free and colorful world.
 Truth be told, I'm still really scared. I don't want to screw it up because I want to be absolutely sure I have some really amazing stuff that I will totally be allowed to show you on this blog and everywhere else.
This is what I must do...

But what if I became just as unpopular and ridiculed as Naruto was as a child, or used and abused like Eleven rebels from Code Geass? Would you readers still believe in me? Would I still have some following somewhere that would be enough to allow me to maintain a good job with benefits and give me a reasonably good social status? I'm not so sure about that and that's why I'm scared to carry my anime inspirations all the way through. Because I saw the prices that my favorite anime heroes had to pay for their success, and I'm not so sure if I'm prepared to make the same sacrifices.
To look like a complete fool again just like I did at my old lose the respect of struggle and fight to get people to believe in me and what I offer...our anime heroes really are heroes to us all because they take the punishment we don't want to take but wish that we could.
I really desperately want to make that pay the price...but I'll need a lot of strength and courage to do it. Because I'm building an anime world, the likes of which have never been seen before. Or at least that's my dream.
Please forgive me if you were hoping for some simple entertainment here, because this time I just felt like talking to anyone who would read. I'm not just an entertainer, because I strive to be a revolutionary leader just like our favorite characters. Please cheer me on as I navigate this harsh world in search of the greatness of our heroes!

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