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Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Anime Life Crash! Let's Shake It Up!

I've really gained an appreciation for a bird's ability to sit in a cage and entertain us!

I've got some exciting news for you! I'm thinking I would really like to traumatize the hell out of myself! Yep, reread that sentence if you'd like because I really mean it. I think we could all benefit from a crushing and frightening crash of our lives.

 There's a certain ironically predictable trend that you'll notice in anime's if you're a true otaku which is that characters tend to get the ball rolling on their crazy, life changing, and maturity inducing adventures. Typically something powerful and hard to reverse crashes into the characters lives which completely and utterly ruins the way of life to which they have become accustomed and quite effectively traumatizes their comfortable habits and ways of thinking. 

 In Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki's advancements are pretty much defined by ridiculous and upsetting things that happen to him. His mothers' death, the hollow attacks on his family, Rukia's execution sentence, the inner hollow threatening his sanity, Orihime's framing for betrayal and capture, the threat of Aizen's god mode, the Fullbringer's distortion of his friends' memories, and the destruction and death wrought on Soul Society and Hueco Mundo by Juhabach. After each and every one of these insane developments Ichigo is thrust into do or die mode and always ends up building an immense amount of strength to deal with the challenges ahead of him. 

 Get ass kicked...
...train hard...
...kick some ass, then repeat process!

So let me tell you what I'm up to now with regards to this information. Tomorrow I'm going to get up as early as I can to do some more studying for my last final of the semester which is at 6 pm tomorrow. After it's all finished I'm going to dive into my newest project ideas. I'm going to start with finally making my geta sandals!
I figured it shouldn't be too hard because I have an ample supply of good wood and the dimensions of geta are rather simple to measure out. Then I'm going to assess the costuming skills I will need to acquire in order to make kimono's and yukata's and I shall get that under way. 

 Now let me explain the relevance here. The reason all of this is such a big deal is because it will be a traumatic experience for me! The only reason I haven't already gotten these projects under way is because I have been terrified of them! I didn't really know where I should start or where to get the materials and I'm stressed out over how exactly a yukata or a kimono are sewn and put together. I've never done these things before, so who am I to dare attempt it!

 Never the less I have changed my perspective of life significantly over the past few months. Through this blog and with the inspiration of my anime's and manga's I have come to realize the great value I get out of a "Life Crash" my term for any kind of experience or endeavor that completely challenges you to learn and grow in order to get through it. It's reminiscent of your favorite anime characters getting thrust into a battle they never wanted to fight, like Kusanagi Godou from Campione! who receives divine power and is compelled to be a warrior against his wishes. Never the less this experience gains him great friends/lovers and makes his life so much more meaningful, happy, and entertaining. 

 One of my favorite examples though is from Amagami SS Plus in the Haruka Morishima arc. Haruka wanted Junichi to propose to her on her graduation day, but Junichi failed to get all of the very obvious hints about what she wanted from him. Soooo...Haruka's cousin, Jessica Sexy Morishima(Yes "Sexy" is her real middle name!) decided to scare the crap out of Junichi in order to get his act together. She made up a lie about Haruka going away to London forever and getting hooked up with another guy potentially, making Junichi think that he was on the verge of losing Haruka his great love once she graduated. So Junichi, in great desperate trauma made a huge ass of himself by getting the speech giving role at the graduation from Ayatsuji and grandly pissed her off when he declared undying love for Haruka and proposed right then and their in front of everyone!!!

 This makes me think of my brother's college graduation which took place on the same day that I am writing this blog post. Guest speaker David Boreanaz said to us all that fear can be a great motivator. This I think is a big part of how "trauma" in certain forms can be very stimulating and helpful for one's development. When you start a new adventure and/or endeavor you are forced to do well once you've decided in your heart of hearts that this is a real deal commitment that you've made.

The picture above is something I found on google, and it is my idealized image of the kinds of Japanese wear I want to produce by hand. One of my ultimate goals is to eventually have a nice Japanese style tea ceremony complete with kimono's, yukata's, high class tea, sweet sake, a kotatsu and wonderful company to make it all worthwhile! I've written this blog about it to initiate the Anime Life Crash of activity in my life that will force my hand. I have now made the commitment and publicized it to my niche community of otakus and I will be documenting my progress both for the readers of this blog and for my personal history with the friends and family who will share in the adventure with me. In truth this blog is more than just something for you to passively read, it the foundation of real action that's going to make this world a more exciting and happy place inspired by the Anime Mind and Spirit!

 So I'm not ready to fight any epic battles to save lives just yet, but I think a Japanese tea party with sake to liven things up is a really great way to Crash my life into the Anime Spirit of living for which I have been a very strong advocate.I also hope that with this blog of mine I can include all of you who read my work in a way that makes you feel like you're actually witnessing and even perhaps partaking in something that could bring our fantasies and dreams into the real world. With this we can take the first steps out of the escapist mindset and into the otaku conquest mindset in which our Anime fandom is a powerful strength as opposed to an embarrassing quirk of nerdy adult children!

 I hope that what I do will be a service to everyone in the world, including you dear mina-san.

Thanks and Enjoy!!!


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